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The stated mission of Shiv Kripa Kendra (SKK) is physical, mental, moral (The word moral is closest English equivalent of our intended Sanskrit word Sanskar) & spiritual upliftment of mankind by invoking the blessings of lord Shiva.

The training of body, mind, sanskar, & soul is in the ascending order of difficulty & complexity hence this order needs to be followed. This is not a new concept but a fact acknowledged & followed by several spiritual masters of India.

Birth, growth, & death is the dharma (nature) of the body. There is no escape from these stages of life cycle. Humans may or may not believe in GOD but pain is experienced universally & uniformly by all beings. Injuries, disease, ailment, deformity, follow every human all through his life despite the advancement of modern medical science.

SKK endeavors to free the humanity from this loop of physical pain.

Q How?

At SKK patients are treated for ailments declared incurable by modern science.

Q Which ailments?

Any ailment likes cancer, tumors, arthritis, heart, lung kidney failures, Tuberculosis, …. You name it…………. Even AIDS.

Q What is the mode of treatment?

The source of ailment is identified & energized according to the specific requirement. To an observer the process looks similar to a reiki treatment. Though it is not reiki. No medicines are prescribed. The process is rooted entirely in the spiritual domain.

Q But I don't believe it?

You have to see it to believe it.

Q How long have you been doing it & how many patients have been treated?

Over 4 years. Several hundred patients have been treated.

Q What is the process? What is the plilosophy behind this treatment?

This question can not be answered on a website. This is like asking what is the science behind the modern medicine. To understand how modern medicine works, several years of devoted study of science & medicine is mandatory. In case you are serious about the answer to this question, you are invited to contact us. SKK can train you to treat other patients, if you are willing, & meet our stringent requirements.

Q It is Scientific?

Upnishads (Ancient Indian scriptures) make a very interesting statement.

Ignorance leads to …………………darkness (Perfectly understandable)
Knowledge leads to…………………………..(Hold your breath) ……..GREATER DARKNESS

This universal truth is directed towards individuals for whom the knowledge is limited to only what they know or what they can comprehend. It blinkers them & limits their ability to seek higher knowledge, makes them arrogant, leading to greater darkness of ignorance. If a person knows he is ignorant he strives for knowledge but if an ignorant person feels he knows everything he is destined to remain in perpetual darkness of ignorance.

If Quantum Mechanics, Theory of relativity, Duel nature of light, Uncertainty principle, wave functions are accepted as scientific, our system is equally scientific. Only difference is in the degree of complexity as this knowledge transcends the frontiers of modern science.

Ancient Indian science accepts two dimensions of Humans. Matter & consciousness. Like hardware & software. Indian science defines human existence in terms of consciousness whereas the western civilizations define it in terms of body. Modern science is now entering the realm of consciousness, which is far more complex than the human body. That is the reason how the ailments declared incurable by modern science are cured at SKK.

Q Is it Psychological? Some Hypnosis?

No It is completely physiological & verifiable.

Q How to confirm that your treatment actually works?

It's fairly simple. Before coming to us the patients normally have visited several physicians & hospitals. They are advised to bring all the reports. During the treatment & after their have been treated they are advised to get themselves medically examined once again.

Truth according to us is verifiable under all conditions, circumstances, & against all standards. If the medical report of the patient indicated cancer, his reexamination after the treatment must refute his earlier report & declare him free of cancer. There is no conflict in our treatment & modern science. The only difference that our science is way ahead.

Q Does your team include qualified physicians?

No we do not have a doctor in our team till date. We do have qualified engineers & science graduates. As explained earlier, this process being entirely spiritual does not require any pre qualification. Infect a learned & qualified person may have to unlearn a lot before he can be induced in this process.

Q What are the charges for the treatment?

Charges are nominal Rs 5/(10 cents) per visit. Rationale behind these charges is, if anything is given free it will never be valued. However in case a patient states that he is not in a position to pay he shall get free treatment.

Q Where is the treatment center?

Presently at Gauri Shanker Mandir Dilshad garden Delhi, India Every Sunday 8.30 to 10.30 Hrs

Q What is the success rate?

Answer depends on how the success rate is defined. Success rate according to us is 100%

The law of Punarjanma (rebirth) states: A being that is born shall die & a being that dies shall be reborn. The cycle goes on. SKK does not guarantee an infinite life to its patients, who are destined to die on their assigned moments. Even the torchbearers of SKK will die one day. However the difference is, if a patient is destined to die of cancer & suffer for a year, he can be cured of cancer & live a healthy life & dies his natural death after a year.

In exceptional cases, where the life of the patient is deemed valuable for the society & mankind in general, the life can be extended. This has already been done in some cases.

Our claim of 100% success rate is based on the postulate that for every patient treated at SKK, the decision to cure or not rests with Lord Shiva & his decision can never be wrong. We have been witnesses to several cases where patients had shown remarkable improvements but conditions were created in their lives & minds, which stopped them from coming to SKK for further treatment…. & Their fate took over.

Q What Next?

This treatment is a miniscule part of our project, which is truly mammoth in its scope & magnitude, being attempted for the first time in human history. For details please contact us.