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Welcome To Shiv Kripa Kendra

"OM NAMAH SHIVAYA" We live in turbulent times. Rapidly changing world scenario, wars, violence, terrorism, economic disparities, crumbling global economy, natural calamities, social upheavals, increasing apprehension, fear, uncertanities, & mental disorders, lives devoid of hope, happiness & harmony are bound to raise a question in every thinker's mind:

Though the answer may not be evident but most thinkers & individuals will agree that what ever is happening around us can not be rated as good by any standard.

Problem is not related to some countries or societies. The problem is global. It encompasses the entire mankind, as most humans can experience it though the solution may be beyond their comprehension. This turmoil in the minds of humanity is a sign of major & fundamental change in global order (Yug Parivartan).

Can the world be saved from a major destruction? No. Not in our opinion. The world is on a precipice of a great destruction, which is imminent. Destruction is but one dimension of yug parivartan, the second being the creation. Both go together.

The endeavor for this gigantic change in the world order is totally beyond human limits. It is a Divine act. The "Tandav" of Lord Shiva has begun which is manifesting itself as rapid multidimensional global changes. In the worlds beyond human perception, all the administrative powers are operating under the central command of Lord Shiva. The one & only Bhagwan Mahakaal.

What is our role in this epoch of crisis? The question demands a deep introspection. These are moments of reckoning for every human being. To be with The Divine & contribute in His mission, or watch from the sidelines. No one can remain neutral in this great cycle of life & death. All who do not side with Lord Shiva shall face the fury of death.

To define our role in this grand operation we shall have to rise above the labyrinth of different religions, opinions, sects, books, dogmas & belief .It may not be easy, but there is no other alternative. Shiv Kripa Kendra has been established to lead the humanity through this maze.